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Single Pass, Inc.



ROME, Feb. 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Single Pass, with the first and only biopsy closure cauterization device, is delighted to announce the successful completion of the first real- life cases utilizing the groundbreaking device. These cutting-edge procedures, conducted at the Universitario Campus Bio Medico, Fondazione Policlinico in Rome, Italy, demonstrate the device's exceptional capabilities and potential to revolutionize the field of biopsy closure.


SinglePass Inc. addresses patient concerns about biopsy risks by focusing on reducing internal bleeding. Their flagship single-use disposable device streamlines biopsy procedures, enhancing patient safety and comfort. With a user-friendly design, it benefits both patients and medical staff. This innovation has already secured two patents, with two more pending, showcasing the company's commitment to excellence and ongoing innovation in healthcare.


Millions undergo organ biopsies annually, yet post-biopsy bleeding poses risks, necessitating additional procedures, surgery, and prolonged recovery, even fatalities in severe cases. Single Pass Inc. offers a groundbreaking solution: the first disposable electrocautery device. It prevents bleeding by safely cauterizing deep tissue through a guide needle, promising swift, easy, and safe biopsy procedures.


The Single Pass device will reduce the normal patient and physician anxiety as there currently does not exist a method or device that can stop or prevent bleeding. Thus, patients and physicians simply “hope” there are no complications. Our device can provide assurance before they leave the procedure room that there will be no complications. In turn, procedure and hospitalization costs will be significantly reduced.

In a remarkable stride towards improving healthcare, SinglePass, Inc. led by CEO Bill Colone, is redefining the way biopsy procedures are performed, enhancing the safety of these critical processes. Their core offering is a single-use disposable device designed to significantly improve the safety of biopsy procedures. This device stands out in terms of speed and ease of use and currently has no direct competitors. The technology has garnered significant interest in the medical community with two issued patents to date and two more patents pending.


Single Pass, a leading provider of innovative medical devices, is pleased to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with Mermaid Medical Group, a renowned global medical technology company. This partnership will bring Single Pass's cutting-edge biopsy closure device to the US market, providing healthcare professionals with a groundbreaking solution for biopsy closure procedures.


Single Pass is a local OC company solving the unique problem physicians face when conducting biopsies. David Friedman was the Deal Lead for Single Pass. In today’s “Angel’s Angle”, David will be sharing the 5 reasons TCA Invested in Single Pass. Single Pass is the only electrical cauterization device that can fit inside a guidewire. Product patents  are heavily reliant on the wording used within the patent. Based upon the team, it seemed like they had that patent locked up.


Nov. 20, 2023 CEO, Bill Colone, announced today receipt of the CE Mark under EU MDR for their Kronos Biopsy Closure device. The cautery device prevents or stops bleeding caused by biopsy tools during co-axial biopsy procedures and is most useful in liver, kidney, lung, and breast biopsy procedures.

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