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Single Pass

Single Pass Inc. offers the first disposable electrocautery device. It prevents bleeding by safely cauterizing deep tissue through a guide needle, promising swift, easy, and safe biopsy procedures.

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The only patented, disposable, electrocautery device that can cauterize deep tissue through a guide needle.



The Issue

Each year, millions undergo solid organ biopsy procedures, occasionally encountering adverse events linked to needle size and patient risk factors like blood disorders or anticoagulation medication.

Identifying patients prone to bleeding complications remains challenging. Current strategies, including medication adjustments, hemostatic agents, and prolonged pressure bandaging post-procedure, aim to minimize risks. Yet, these methods fall short, with hemorrhage, transfusions, and even fatalities still occurring. Traditional approaches often lead to unnecessary post-biopsy hemorrhaging.

Single Pass, Inc.

Global Disposable Coaxial Biopsy Needle Size, 2031 (USD million). (n.d.). Business Research Insights.

Single Pass, Inc.

Traditional Techniques Can Result in Hemorrhaging Post Biopsies Requiring Unnecessary:

CT Scans

Open Surgical Repair

Blood Transfusions

Extended Hospital Stays

Two Week Patient Recovery Time

$78,000+ Procedure & Hospitalization Costs

The Solution
Single Pass, Inc.

The Kronos Electrocautery device efficiently seals biopsy channels, enhancing safety for high-risk patients and enabling the use of larger needles for more substantial tissue samples in fewer passes. Its usage may reduce procedure costs by eliminating the need for certain medications, hemostatic agents, and post-procedure observation.

Effective channel sealing may also minimize hemorrhage, leading to improved patient outcomes. Kronos stands out as the only patented electro-cautery device designed to fit biopsy channels, ensuring innovation and effectiveness.

The Kronos Electrocautery Device:

Compatible with All Guide Needles



Battery Powered

Eliminates Generator

Low Cost

Single Pass, Inc.

in channel


Single Pass, Inc.

"The biopsy channels were completely blood free after cauterization with confirmation by multiple imaging modalities.


Our confidence for performing co-axial biopsy procedures without potential bleeding issues has increased".

Dainis Krievins, MD, PhD Professor of Vascular Surgery University of Latvia

"The device offers a breakthrough solution for patients undergoing percutaneous biopsy who are at high risk of bleeding complications.


Knowing such a solution exists places both patients and physicians at ease and will create opportunities in the future for patients who might have otherwise not been a candidate for biopsy".

David Tahour, MD Chief of vascular and interventional radiology at MemorialCare

Additional Benefits:

Safely Treat “At-Risk” Patients on Anticoagulants

Permits use of larger diameter guide needles

Reduces Post Biopsy Bleeding

Minimizes Patient Observation Time

Reduces Hemorrhage

Single Pass, Inc.
The Benefits

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