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The only patented, disposable, electrocautery device that can cauterize deep tissue through a guide needle.



The Issue

Millions of solid organ biopsy procedures are performed every year that sometimes result in adverse events related to the guide needle size used for collecting tissue samples and for high risk patients (those with blood disorders, or on anticoagulation medication).
Additionally, it is impossible to predict and easily detect which patients may bleed,


develop hematomas, or hemorrhage afterwards.  Currently, numerous medication and procedural techniques are attempted in order to minimalize post procedure complications.  These techniques include eliminating or administering new medications, using hemostatic agents to plug the biopsy channel, and holding patients in the recovery area with pressure bandages for several hours, or even overnight.  However, none of these techniques are completely effective as hemorrhage requiring blood transfusions and surgical repair, and occasionally death, still occur.

Traditional techniques can result in hemorrhaging after biopsies requiring unnecessary:

CT Scans

Open Surgical Repair

Two Week Patient Recovery Time

Blood Transfusions

Extended Hospital Stays

Over $78,000 in procedure and hospitalization costs

The Solution

The Single Pass electro-cautery device effectively seals the biopsy channel by cauterizing the tissue to prevent bleeding.
It also improves the safety of biopsy procedures for at-risk patients and allows for the use of larger guide needles to collect bigger tissue samples with a fewer number of needle passes.
Use of the device also reduces overall procedure costs by eliminating the need for certain medications and hemostatic agents, as well as eliminating post-procedure observation and recovery times.  Effective sealing of the biopsy channel also prevents hemorrhage improving patient outcomes.
Single Pass is the only patented, innovatively designed electro-cautery device with a probe that can fit into biopsy channels.

The Single Pass electro-cautery device:

Fits through any Guide Needle



Battery Powered

Eliminates need for Generator

Low Cost



in channel


There are a multitude benefits in using the
SinglePass solution.  Surgeons are able to make biopsy procedures safer while gaining full control of the outcome.  SinglePass eliminates procedural anxiety while allowing for larger tissue samples to be removed from the patient.
A surgeon can be assured of avoiding post operative complications knowing that the procedure was performed safely and effectively. Most importantly, it will allow for shorter hospital stays for patients eliminating cost and stress.

Additional SinglePass benefits include:


Safely treat “at-risk” patients on anticoagulants

Permits use of larger diameter guide needles

Eliminates need for holding pressure post procedure

Minimizes patient observation time

Prevents hemorrhage

Reduces procedure costs

The Benefits

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